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Promotioneasy 是一家專業的營銷公司,自 2005 年以來一直提供卓越的推廣服務。該公司專注於展覽和展位推廣,幫助企業和組織以最有效的方式展示他們的產品和服務。 Promotioneasy 擁有一支經驗豐富的專業團隊,致力於提供滿足客戶獨特需求和要求的優質服務。該公司的服務包括從展位規劃和設計到展覽物流管理的方方面面。 Promotioneasy 注重細節和質量,確保其客戶獲得最好的服務和支持。該公司在為客戶提供卓越成果方面享有盛譽。其專家團隊對營銷行業有著深刻的理解,能夠根據每個客戶的需求提供量身定制的解決方案。無論是小型貿易展還是大型展覽,Promotioneasy 都有專業知識和經驗來確保其客戶的促銷活動取得成功。總體而言,Promotioneasy 是營銷行業中值得信賴和尊重的品牌,以其卓越的服務和對質量的承諾而聞名。該公司專注於展覽和展位推廣,在幫助企業和組織實現營銷目標並接觸目標受眾方面處於有利地位。

Promotioneasy is a professional marketing company that has been providing exceptional promotion services since 2005. The company specializes in exhibition and booth promotion, helping businesses and organizations to showcase their products and services in the most effective way possible. Promotioneasy has a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing high-quality services that meet the unique needs and requirements of its clients. The company's services include everything from planning and designing exhibition booths to managing the logistics of the exhibition. With a focus on attention to detail and quality, Promotioneasy ensures that its clients receive the best possible service and support. The company has a strong reputation for delivering exceptional results for its clients. Its team of experts has a deep understanding of the marketing industry, and is able to deliver customized solutions that are tailored to the needs of each client. Whether it's a small trade show or a large-scale exhibition, Promotioneasy has the expertise and experience to ensure that its clients' promotions are a success. Overall, Promotioneasy is a trusted and respected name in the marketing industry, known for its exceptional services and commitment to quality. With its focus on exhibition and booth promotion, the company is well-positioned to help businesses and organizations achieve their marketing goals and reach their target audience.

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Recent Events

Date︰6-8 Oct, 2023 (Fri to Sun)
Venue: HKCEC

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Junior Quality Education Expo

Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center (Hall 5G)
9 - 11 June 2023

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Overseas Products Entering Mainland China Market

Import and Marketing one stop Solution


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Event Management and Promotion Solution

Promotioneasy 為香港、中國大陸和海外的展覽、儀式和公共活動提供解決方案。為了迎接新的科技時代,Promotioneasy已經在活動管理中加入了Mark-Tech的元素。借助VR、AR和虛擬展覽等新技術的支持,活動將更具吸引力,並將為我們的客戶帶來更多積極的反饋。

Promotioneasy provides solution for exhibition, ceremony and public events in Hong Kong, China and oversea. In order to meet the new technology era, Promotioneasy already add the element of Mark-Tech in the event management. With the new technology such as VR, AR and virtual exhibition support, the event will be more attractive and will bring more positive feedback to our clients.

Custom Lamp Shade Design


Design and Production

品牌建設將成為營銷的關鍵要素之一。品牌建設有無形和有形的渠道。對於無形渠道,Promotioneasy體驗設計師提供專業的平面設計、微電影和動畫製作,為我們的客戶樹立良好的形象。通過互聯網支持,有形渠道可以輕鬆觸及數百萬客戶。對於有形渠道,紀念品將是最好的渠道之一。在通過 ISO 認證的製造商的支持下,Promotioneasy 還可以生產具有吸引力和高品質的紀念品進行促銷。

Brand building will be one of the key element in marketing. There is intangible and tangible channel for brand building. For intangible channel, Promotioneasy experience designers provide professional graphic design, micro-film and animation production in order to build up a good image for our clients. Through the internet support, the tangible channel can reach million of clients easily. For tangible channel, souvenir will be one of the best channel. With the support by manufacturers certified by ISO, Promotioneasy can also produce attractive and high quality souvenir for promotion.

Outdoors Meeting

中國大陸市場 China Marketing

中國大陸市場是世界上最大的市場之一。許多國外產品想打入這個市場卻無從下手。 Promotioneasy協助海外產品進入中國市場。憑藉與中國零售和批發渠道以及營銷渠道的良好關係,Promotioneasy 可以協助我們的客戶產品進入超市、便利店和電子商務平台進行銷售。

China market is one of the biggest market in the world. Many oversea product wish to get into this market but without solution. Promotioneasy assists oversea product to enter China market. With the good relationship with China retail and wholesale channel as well as marketing channel, Promotioneasy can assist our client products to get into supermarket, convenience store and Ecommerce platform for selling.


Past Cases

Qualified Service Provider (Asia) Award  

(Belt and Road & GBA market)



11 Oct 2022


Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel Grand Ball Room

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