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About us is a company who focus on providing high quality of training and education service. Our professional team from different cities will assist oversea universities and professional education institution to find good candidate to enroll in their suitable course. We will assess both the training and education institution and the student candidates suitability in order to match the most suitable one and make sure the good learning efficiency. For our professional training, we are specially strong for logistics industry. 

In order to meet the global trend of online eduation, will also launch efficient online education course. We have a big database of professional tutors from different parts of the world to offer online course to our clients. We can offer language course and professional course in order to match our clients needs. 


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QSPCC is a Professional Certificate Centre managed by Professor from United Nation. QSP Platinum is the highest ranking in the QSP certification. This shows that YMX service level is qualified in international standard.

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